We are a luxury handbag brand designed in Switzerland. We make spacious (functional) evening bags and unique Opera inspired purses. Each PERICHETTE is a one of a kind design and can not be replaced, because every woman is special, and so should be her handbag.

PERICHETTE [ per-ee-shet ] prides itself in offering long lasting designs in both quality and look that will stand the test of time. There is no such thing as “out of season” or “out of trend” for any PERICHETTE bags. Additionally, all PERICHETTE bags will be produced in limited edition so that with time each bag’s value will go up, making each one of them worth collecting like art.

PERICHETTE is in every sense an admirer of strong passionate women.

PERICHETTE stands for the woman who knows what she wants and speaks of bold feminine elegance.

Inspired by Ancient Empires and the glamour of theatrics and drama of operatic overtures, every PERICHETTE bag is named after a goddess, queen, or an opera diva. A goddess is a female deity who is linked to virtues such as beauty, hope and love. She is associated with ideas such as power, seduction and creation.

Handbags, on the other hand, can be seen as part of many cultures’ heritage around the world, with the earliest known handbag appearing at the end of the Ice Age.
One possible theory for the proliferation of the handbags in ancient cultures is its simple representation of the cosmos. The semi-circle of the image, which would appear as the bag’s strap, represents the hemisphere of the sky. The figure of a circle was associated symbolically with concepts of spirituality. The image is used to symbolize the unification of the earth and sky, of the material and the non-material elements of existence.

Following this belief, Perichette is made so that every woman can carry her own cosmos in her Perichette bag.