Princess Marie-Theres known as Die Marschallin is the principal character in the Opera “Der Rosenkavalier” by Richard Strauss.
The Opera inspired Minaudière Die Marschallin balances through its form timelessness and timeliness just like in the princess’s Aria referring to time as “a strange thing”; “distracted by your life, time, means nothing at all” or “time just keeps on flowing, trickling, like sand in an hourglass.”
The Opera Minaudière is an homage to operatic Sopranos.
The Marshallin Minaudière has a unique shape offering two compartments; an upper soft part with the signature PERICHETTE clasp closure and a lower hardtop part divided by a 24 carat gold plated lock including an attached key. Made out of black Jacquard with roses motive and finest Italian Satin.
Opera lovers will love the inspiration of Die Marschallin.

Dimensions: L 24cm x H 20cm x D 11cm
Colors: Black Jacquard and Satin

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